This blog was created in my final year of graduate school in 2010 for Speech-Language Pathology at San Diego State University. The purpose was to create a site where students within the field of Communication Disorders could come to get the perspectives and shared information of graduate students in their final year. I'm now in the process of updating this site 7 years later (today is 8/13/2017), so bare with me as I update all the links and determine how to further grow this site. In the past 7 years, I've learned a lot as an SLP. One of the most important things that I keep learning is that there is always more to know and more ways to grow.

Areas covered within this blog will span from functional therapy ideas to the latest in research. Please feel free to send in your ideas or comments to make this Blog better. If you are submitting information from another source, please honor the works of others and cite your sources.